Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Login Page return "Page Not Found" Error

Today I cloned a new test environment on a new server, after all services startup I tried to get the login page by http://ServerName.domain:port/OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp but I got the error message “The page cannot be found”.
I tried also http://ServerName.domain:port and I got the same error message.

The Apache error_log show: ( – server ip, – my ip)

[Mon Sep 24 10:57:13 2007] [error] OPM: EW: Fail to start process with mod=JServ and grp=DiscoGroup, it's possible that your configuration file is not correct.
[Mon Sep 24 10:57:13 2007] [error] OPM: EW: Fail to start process with mod=JServ and grp=OACoreGroup, it's possible that your configuration file is not correct.
[Mon Sep 24 10:57:13 2007] [error] OPM: EW: Fail to start process with mod=JServ and grp=XmlSvcsGrp, it's possible that your configuration file is not correct.

[Mon Sep 24 12:07:00 2007] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /oracle/testcomn/portal/TEST_servername/oprocmgr-service
[Mon Sep 24 12:07:01 2007] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /oracle/testcomn/portal/TEST_servername/oprocmgr-service
[Mon Sep 24 12:07:01 2007] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /oracle/testcomn/portal/TEST_servername/oprocmgr-service
[Mon Sep 24 12:07:01 2007] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /oracle/testcomn/portal/TEST_servername/oprocmgr-service

[Mon Sep 24 12:14:03 2007] [error] OPM:Can not find one alive process
[Mon Sep 24 12:14:03 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist:

Client denied by server configuration??!! Why?!

I checked all Apache configuration files - httpd.conf, httpds.conf, apps.conf, oprocmgr.conf, httpd_pls.conf - but they all were good…
Because it’s a new server I also checked required Linux RPM’s that may be missing, but they all were installed.

The content of /etc/hosts file was: localhost.localdomain localhost ServerName ServerName

We change it to: localhost.localdomain localhost ServerName.domain ServerName

After restart Apache (+ clear cache $COMMON_TOP/_pages/_oa__html/) we got the login screen! :-)

Unfortunately, just after resolving this issue I found a related note in Metalink:
Note:372096.1 - Servlet and JSP Pages return a "Page Not Found" Error After Install of Applications.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Upgrade Oracle Applications 11i Database to 10g R2 (

In this post I’m going to describe step-by-step how to upgrade an Oracle Apps 11i Database 9i ( to 10g R2 (
The upgrade was done on a single node environment installed on Red Hat Linux 4.

Technical information:
Apps version:
DB version:
ATG Rup 5 + AD.I.5

*** The following upgrade process suitable to the above starting point only!
*** For another OS or Apps version you can be helped by this post, but it's highly

*** recommended to read the related Notes mentions at the end of this post.

1) Apply patch 4653225 - 10g release 2 ineroperability patch for 11.5.10
a. Unzip patch file
b. Cd 4653225
c. Run adpatch.sh

2) Upgrade Developer 6i to the latest patch set
If your patch set level is earlier then patch set 17, you should apply the latest certified patch set (nowadays – 18).
You can use my previous post (step-by-step style) – “Upgrading Developer 6i with Oracle Apps 11i”.
And Metalink Note 125767.1 – “Upgrading Developer 6i with Oracle Applications 11i”.

3) Install 10g software
a. mkdir [rdbms_oracle_home] for the new 10g software (/oracle/tst10db/10.2)
b. Export ORACLE_HOME=[rdbms_oracle_home]
c. Unzip installation file - 10201_database_linux32.zip
d. cd database
e. Execute runInstaller with oracle user
f. Select Advanced Installation

g. Inventory directory location: /oracle/tst10db/10.2/oraInventory

h. Select Installation Type: “Enterprise Edition”

i. Home Details:
Name: OraDB10g_home
Path: /oracle/tst10db/10.2

j. Fix all errors if exists

k. Choose to Install Database Software only
l. Click on install

m. Run the following scripts with root

n. Exit

4) Install Oracle Database products from Oracle 10g Companion CD
b. Unzip installation file - 10201_companion_linux32.zip
c. cd companion
d. Execute runInstaller with oracle user

e. Select Oracle Database Products

f. Name and Path like database software installation.
Name: OraDB10g_home
Path: /oracle/tst10db/10.2

g. Fix errors if exists

h. Click on Install

i. Exit

5) Install patch set
a. Export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/tst10db/10.2
b. Export ORACLE_SID=tst10
c. unzip installation file - p5337014_10203_LINUX.zip
d. cd Disk1
e. Execute runInstaller with oracle user

f. Name and Path like in database installation
Name: OraDB10g_home
Path: /oracle/tst10db/10.2

g. Click on Install

h. Run root.sh

i. Exit installation

6) Create nls/data/9idata directory
a. Execute: perl $ORACLE_HOME/nls/data/old/cr9idata.pl
b. export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/tst10db/10.2
c. export ORA_NLS10=$ORACLE_HOME/nls/data/9idata

7) Install 10g Listener
a. Stop 9i listener
b. Export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/tst10db/10.2
c. cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
d. execute ./netca (Network Configuration Assitant)
e. Name the listener TST10

8) Database Upgrade
a. Export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/tst10/10.2
b. Export ORACLE_SID=tst10
c. cp /oracle/tst10/10.2/rdbms/admin/utlu102i.sql /tmp
d. cd /tmp
e. sqlplus “/as sysdba”
i. startup db
ii. spool info.log
iii. run $utlu102i.sql
iv. spool off
f. Check info.log for any errors
g. Add to initTST10.ora -> local_listener =’(ADDRESS= (PROTOCOL= TCP)(Host= servername.domain)(Port= 1521))’
h. Execute the Database Upgrade Assistant - $ORACLE_HOME/bin/dbua

i. Select the db to upgrade

j. SYSAUX tablespace should be on: /oracle/tst10data/sysaux01.dbf
Choose Automatically extend datafile when full (AUTOEXTEND).

k. It is strongly recommended to have a full cold backup of the database before upgrade.
You can choose to make the cold backup at this stage.

l. Enter passwords for system users.

m. Click on Finish

n. Check status of all upgraded components.

o. Close

9) Modify initialization parameters
Follow Metalink note 216205.1 - Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle Applications 11i.
Section 2.4 - Release-specific database initialization parameters for 10gR2 (10.2.X) + Removal list 10gR2 (10.2.X).

10) Fix Korean lexers
a. Connect to sqlplus as sysdba
b. execute $ORACLE_HOME/ctx/sample/script/drkorean.sql

11) Run adgrants.sql
a. Connect to sqlplus as sysdba
b. Execute @$APPL_TOP/admin/adgrants.sql APPLSYS

12) Grant create procedure privilege on CTXSYS
a. Connect to sqlplus with apps
b. Execute @$AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adctxprv [SYSTEM_PASSWORD] CTXSYS

13) Run Autoconfig on DB Tier and Application Tier
a. Log in to server with applmgr user
b. source /oracle/tst10appl/[context_name].env
c. perl $AD_TOP/bin/admkappsutil.pl
d. cp $APPL_TOP/admin/out/appsutil.zip /oracle/tst10db/10.2
e. Login to server with oracle user
f. cd /oracle/tst10db/10.2
g. unzip –o appsutil.zip
h. Copy the old database context file from 9.2.0 to 10.2
i. cd /oracle/livedb/10.2/appsutil/bin
j. Execute ./adconfig.sh
k. Login to server with applmgr user
l. Run autoconfig on application Tier

14) Gather Statistics for SYS schema
a. sqlplus “/as sysdba”
b. shutdown immediate
c. startup restrict
d. @/oracle/tst10appl/admin/adstats.sql
e. shutdown
f. startup

15) Recreate grants and synonym for apps
a. Log in to server with applmgr user
b. Execute adadmin
c. Choose -> Maintain Applications Database Entities menu
d. Choose -> Re-create grants and synonyms for APPS schema

16) Apply Oracle receivables patch (5753621)
a. unzip patch file
b. cd 5753621
c. run adpatch

Related Documents:
1) Metalink Note 362203.1 - Oracle Applications Release 11i with Oracle 10g Release 2 (10.2.0).
2) Installation Guide for Linux x86
3) Oracle Database Upgrade Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2)

In the next post I will write about "Troubleshooting Oracle Apps Database upgrade to 10g".

You are welcome to leave a comment for questions, comments or just to say if it was helpul...