Sunday, August 24, 2008

Developer 6i Patch Set 19 upgrade with EBS 11i

It has been more than two years since the last Developer 6i patchset 18 was certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i, and now, Developer 6i patchset 19 ( is certified with Oracle Apps 11i.

Actually, since we migrated from Jinitiator to Java JRE 1.6, we've encountered some frustrating mouse focus issues, I really hope they were fixed with this patch and won't appear after upgrade.

Like with the last patch set, I'll bring you "step-by-step" upgrade instructions for linux deployments.
Other Operation Systems's need another patches - see Note 125767.1 - Upgrading Developer 6i with Oracle Applications 11i.

*** All patches must be installed on all Application tier nodes

  1. Stop all application processes by
  2. Apply the latest certified Developer 6i patch set 19 (6194129) 
    - Source applications environment (e.g source .../testappl/APPSORA.env) 
    - Verify that $ORACLE_HOME is the 806_ORACLE_HOME
    - Execute with applmgr user
    $ unzip
    $ cd developer6i_patch19
    $ ./ 2>&1 | tee patch_install_p19.log
    - Check patch_install_p19.log for any errors
    - Execute the following to relink Procedure Builder, Forms, Graphics and Reports
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/procbuilder60/lib; make -f install
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib;       make -f install
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/graphics60/lib;    make -f install
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/reports60/lib;     make -f install
  3. Apply patch 7156414 
    - Unzip patch file
    $ unzip
    - Backup old files
    $ cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/
    $ cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/ComponentItem.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/
    $ cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/BlockScroller.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/
    $ cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/FormCanvas.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/
    $ cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/FormWindow.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/
    $ cp -r $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/ui/VBean.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/
    - Copy patch files to appropriate directories
    $ cd [PATCH_TOP]/7156414/oracle/forms/handler
    $ cp UICommon.class      $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/UICommon.class
    $ cp ComponentItem.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/ComponentItem.class
    $ cp BlockScroller.class $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/BlockScroller.class
    $ cp FormCanvas.class    $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/FormCanvas.class
    $ cp FormWindow.class    $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/handler/FormWindow.class

    $ cd [PATCH_TOP]/7156414/oracle/forms/ui
    $ cp VBean.class         $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/java/oracle/forms/ui/VBean.class

    - Regenerate Jar files
      - Execute adadmin
      - Select the "Generate Applications Files menu" option
      - Select "Generate product JAR files"
      - Do you wish to force regeneration of all jar files? => Yes
      - Spot check that the JAR files have been generated by verifying the timestamp    
    $ cd $OA_JAVA/oracle/apps/fnd/jar
    $ ll fndforms.jar fndewt.jar
  4. Apply patch 6125732
    - Unzip patch file + Apply patch
    $ unzip
    $ cd 6125732
    $ sh
  5. Apply patch 6857221
    - Unzip patch file + Apply patch
    $ unzip
    $ cd 6857221
    $ sh
    - Relink f60webmx for Oracle Applications
    $ force=y "fnd f60webmx"
  6. Apply patch 3830807
    - Unzip patch file + Apply patch
    $ unzip
    $ cd 3830807
    $ ./
    - Relink all Applications executables:
      adadmin -> "Maintain Applications Files" -> "Relink Applications programs"
  7. Apply patch 4586086
    - Unzip patch file
    $ unzip
    - Backup old file
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib
    $ mv
    - Copy patch file to the appropriate directory
    $ cd [PATCH_HOME]/bug4586086
    $ cp $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib

    - Generate shared object + Relink f60webmx for apps
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms60/lib
    $ make -f libso_install
    $ force=y "fnd f60webmx"
  8. Relink applications executables
    - Run adadmin
    - Select (2) "Maintain Applications Files Menu"
    - Select (1) "Relink Applications programs"
    - List of product to link: fnd
    - Generate specific executables …: Yes
    - Relink with debug: No
    - Enter executables to relink: f60webmx ar60run ar60runb ar60rund
  9. Apply patch 7343387 (Apps Interoperability)
    - Unzip patch file
    $ unzip
    - Enable maintenance mode: adadmin -> (5) Change Maintenance Mode -> (1) Enable Maintenance Mode
    - apply patch with adpatch
    - Disable maintenance mode: adadmin -> (5) Change Maintenance Mode -> (2) Disable Maintenance Mode
  10. Verify your upgrade
    - Check the timestamp for the following files:
    $ cd $OA_JAVA/oracle/apps/fnd/jar
    $ ll fndforms.jar fndewt.jar
    If the timestamp is not current - run adadmin => Maintain Applications Files => Generate Product JAR Files. 
  11. Start all applications processes (
    - You can also verify your upgrade by login to forms responsibility -> Help -> About Oracle Applications
      You should see: Oracle Forms version :

Related - Note 125767.1 - Upgrading Developer 6i with Oracle Applications 11i.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aviad Elbaz,

Did it resolved mouse focus issues?


A R Subramanian

NITIN said...


I upgraded forms server using below:

Developer 6i Patch Set 19 upgrade with EBS 11i

The issue is that after upgrading when i brought up the application on my pc i could not see the version of
forms server. Its empty under the forms server portion.

But i checked on another person's machine and it is showing the upgraded version.

I also cleared my J Cache and it did not help. Not sure what is going on here.

Please give your suggestions


Aviad said...

Hi Nitin,

Try to update the profile "FND: Diagnostics" to -> "Yes"


Aviad said...


We’ve applied Developer 6i patchset 19 on our development environments and it looks like it did solve the mouse focus issues. Soon we are going to apply it on production.


Anonymous said...

Hi Avaid

I am planning to upgrade our instance to 10R2.

Can I directly upgrade to Patcheset 19 directrly without upgrading to patchset 18 following the above steps.

Saravanan Ramesh