Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Agile PLM - Part I

In May this year, Oracle has acquired Agile, a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions.

In this post I will explain about the various components of Agile PLM system, and the following posts will be dedicated to Agile PLM installation.

The components of Agile PLM application are:
1) Agile Database
2) Agile Application Server
3) Agile File Manager
4) Agile Web Proxies
These components should be installed in the above order.

Agile Database
Used to hold all Agile data.
It is recommended to install the database and application server on separated machines.

Agile Application Server
The Agile Application Server can be run on Oracle Application Server 10g or BEA WebLogic Server.
The Application Server is the main component of the Agile system, all services and business logic reside on it.
The Agile application deployed on the Application Server.
All users (Java/Web clients) connect to the Application Server in 2 possible ways:
- Directly
- Indirectly, via Wev proxy Server.

Agile File Manager
The File Manager manages all Agile files in the file system (File Vault).
The File Manager runs on Tomcat.

Agile Web Proxies Server
The Agile web client allows connection to both internal and external users.
Agile web client uses Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) or Apache web server.
The Agile web client connects to an Agile Application Server the same way like other Agile Application Server clients.

Next post I will show, step by step, how to install Agile PLM 9.2.21 on two nodes configuration.



Atul Kumar said...

Nice Post Buddy . Will wait for your next post

Atul Kumar

Aviad said...

Thanks Atul for your comment and interest
Next post will be posted soon.

kevin said...

hi all,

I just fished installing Agile PLM Application server, DB with OAS and Oracle db 10g...etc.
I can browse to http://hostname/Agile/PLMServlet
However, I don't know the user name and the password.
Can you tell me what it is?
Agile DB comes with default database

Aviad said...

Hi Kevin,

User name: admin
Password: agile


kevin said...

thank you, Aviad.

mahive said...

Hi Aviad,wanted to know more about agile plm and waiting for your next posts,kindly makeit as soon as possible bud.......

kevind said...

Hi Aviad,
Can you post the latest Agile 9.3 step by step installation instructions?


kevind said...

Can you post the latest Agile PLM 9.3 step by step installation instructions?


sri said...

Hi All,

I am new to implemeting Agile.Can you please suggest me which version should i go for.From the search I found out that 9.3 is the latest version but want to know which is more stable 9.2.2 or 9.3.

Thank you Inadvance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aviad,

I really appreciate the way you explained about Agile PLM Installation.

Had a doubt?
When you have a DB for storing artifacts then what is the need of Agile file system or File Vault.
Are they connected in any way?

Also can you please tell me how enable Product Colaboration and Product Portfolio Management modules.

I am new to Agile PLM, Please forgive me if i said anything wrong.

Assassin 777

hacker said...

Hi All,
I wanted to install Agile PLM in ma machine. where can i get Agile PLM setup in net?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I just wanted to know , where can we get Agile PLM setup in web?