Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Forgot your Password?

Almost every website that uses username & password have a "forget password" functionality to retrieve users passwords, and so also the Oracle E-Business Suite.

This is a very useful functionality since it reduces the number of SR's opened to the helpdesk team regarding login problems and moreover satisfying the customers which can get a new password in a very short time with no helpdesk intervention.

The implementation of this functionality is very simple and easy.
To enable it you should:

  1. set the profile "Local Login Mask" to the current value plus 8 (e.g. current value is 32 -> set value to 40)
  2. Bounce Apache

The "Local Login Mask" profile used to customize some attributes of the login page (AppsLocalLogin.jsp), one of them is the "forgot your password" link.
You should set the value of this profile to the sum of all attribute's mask values you are interested in.

The full attributes list is:


Mask Value Binary value
Hint for Username 01 00000001
Hint for Password 02 00000010
Cancel button 04 00000100
Forgot Password link 08 00001000
Registration link 16 00010000
Language Images 32 00100000
Corporate Policy Message 64 01000000


Setting the Forgot Password link mask value will add the following TIP to the login page:

The reset password process:

- Click on "Forgot your password?" link will ask for a username to which reset the password.

- After typing the username and click OK, a new workflow process is started (Item type UMXUPWD) and you'll get this confirmation message:

- Shortly you'll get this email - "Password reset required approval" (expired after 4 hours).

- Click on "Approve" to confirm you are interested in a new password.

- Shortly you'll get an email with a temporary password which you have to change on first login.

Very nice and easy to implement functionality, which could be very beneficial.

Related Note 399766.1 - Reset Password Functionality FAQ

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting....

Anonymous said...

I am able to receive the approve/reject mail but after sending an approval mail I am not able to receive any mails for the password reseted

Please advice what could be wrong

Amar said...

Very useful information ... Thanks a lot for sharing

Aviad said...


Actually I didn’t approve by clicking on the “Approve” link in the mail, but open the “Notification Detail.html” and click the “Approve” button.
Try this way, follow the screenshots.


Aviad said...

Amar, Thanks for commenting


K said...

Thanks for sharing this very useful info, works great!

DurgaCharan said...

I am big fan of you from 2008, one of the old article read 2 year back found reproduced at


felt really bad.


mihaitintea@gmail.com said...


This works until someone sets values for the following two profiles at the site level:
- Signon Password Case = Sensitive
- Signon Password Custom = <as per the example in Note 362663.1